The following are some FAQs with respect to ASNC.

Should you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact ASNC on 02 99744228 or info@annesargeant.com.au

1What age is appropriate for ASNC?
ASNC recommends participants aged 7-14. The age you indicate on your application should describe the age your child turns this year.
2Does ASNC offer a Netta or modified program?
Yes, ASNC offers a modified program for Nettas in line with Netball Australia recommendations.
3How are groups allocated?
ASNC allocates groups based on age. You should indicate the age you turn this year. However, for example, if you are turning 10 but wish to be placed with the 12s, then you should indicate 12 on your application.
4Can my child be placed with friends?
Every effort is made to accommodate requests to be placed with friends. Our application process allows you to indicate one name or unique key phrase by which you can indicate another with whom you would like to be placed. With respect to teams we suggest that you use a Key word eg “ Waratahs” that indicates your group and note this on your form.
5What should I wear?
Just wear comfortable training gear suitable for exercise eg t-shirt and bike pants/leggings. You should also pack wet weather gear and something warm ( possibly a change of top too) appropriate for weather forecast.. ASNC also recommends sun block and cap.
6What should I bring?
ASNC asks that all participants byo Netball, sunblock, hand sanitiser, cap, food and drink, wet weather gear.
7Do I have to bring a netball?

ASNC asks participants to bring their own Netball as it is difficult for us to transport balls and your bringing your own Netball allows us to maximize skills work.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a Netball….we don’t expect you to go out and buy a netball just for our ASNC…just come along and you will be able to share, no problem.

But please also note: ASNC Netballs are always available for sale at our clinics !!

8Is ASNC insured?
Yes, ASNC is covered by V-Insurance Group.
9Have ASNC coaches been cleared to work with children?

Yes, ASNC coaches have undergone screening and been cleared by the Working with children Check as required by The NSW Dept of Education.

In addition, all ASNC coaches are experienced current or former representative players and/or coaches.

10Is there First aid at every ASNC?

First Aid is provided at every ASNC.

In addition, all coaches take close care and Annie is always available for special TLC !!

It is important though that you PLEASE advise us of any illness, injury or condition that may affect your participation so that we are prepared and can alert First Aid staff. And remind your coach on the day of the clinic so that we can make every effort to look after you.

Also, if you come with an pre-existing injury please strap/tape etc before you arrive.

11What food should I bring?

You should bring healthy, energy-rich snacks suitable for morning tea and lunch….and WATER. We do not provide refreshments for participants, do not provide a canteen and do not allow participants to leave the venue.

NB We ask that you DO NOT bring any food containing nuts!!!!

And…..we advise that you re-fill your drink bottle several times during the day!!!!

12What if I am new to Netball? What if I’ve never played?
ASNC caters for all ability levels. More talented, experienced players are naturally extended within their group by their coach. Similarly, those participants who have never played before are given appropriate instruction in the basic skills and a great introduction to the game. It is the aim of ASNC to make every person’s experience a happy and positive one so that all are motivated to continue their Netball.
13What if I don’t know any one else going to the clinic?
Part of the ASNC experience is social….meeting and working with new people. Your coach will ensure that everyone in your group interacts and that you meet new friends. If you are shy or unsure, please let us know at the start of the day…..extra care will be taken.
14Can Mum or Dad stay and watch?

Parents are very welcome to stay and watch any ASNC, please observe social distancing as well as other relevant NSW Health Advice.

They are also welcome, of course, to drop off in the morning and return to pick up at the end of the day….but please come back!!!!

While Anne’s intention is to take care of your child as if they were her own……and while we would never leave a child stranded on their own at the end of the day…..please make every effort to return at conclusion of the clinic. To that end….PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ARE ACCURATE !!!!

15What are the hours of the ASNC program?

Most ASNC events run 9.30 am to 3pm

With the exception of our January week long ASNC event which runs for 5 days and operates 3 hours each day, early morning to avoid heat.

Always click on the event that interests you ( on the event calendar) to confirm event timing and location

16What happens in the event of wet weather?

Expect your ASNC to proceed.

ASNC are only cancelled in the event that conditions are dangerous and no indoor venue is available.

So if conditions are sunny, cold, cloudy, windy, or light showers….we will go ahead.

In the event of potential bad weather and the lack of a suitable indoor venue, ASNC may consider re-scheduling the clinic. This decision will be managed on a case by case basis and notification will be made via email and a message left on our wet weather line.

17How do I pay?

ASNC offers online registration. Credit card payments will be processed via a secure registration provider and a credit card statement will show debit of ASNC.

18What is ASNC cancellation policy?


  • Participant cancellation:

    Cancellation or modification of your booking can be made online. Please refer to your booking confirmation email and “link” and note your booking number in the process.

    With regards to all cancellations an admin fee of $15 will be applied.

    If cancellation occurs up to 7 days prior to the event then your money will be refunded less the admin fee.

    If cancellation is made within 7 days you will receive a 50% refund less the admin fee.

    Unfortunately in the case of cancellations 24 hours or later no refund will be given.

    In the event of injury or illness your money will be refunded less the admin fee on presentation of a valid medical certificate within 48 hours of the date of the clinic.

  • Event Cancellation:

    In the event of bad weather and the lack of a suitable indoor venue, ASNC may consider re-scheduling the clinic. This decision will be managed on a case by case basis and notification will be made via email and a message left on our wet weather line. Message left on our wet weather line ( 02 ) 9974 4228.

    Should ASNC cancel an event in the best interests of the participants a refund will be actioned. In the event that 1 day of a 2 day ASNC event is cancelled the fee will revert to the fee for a One Day ASNC event.

19What are COVID Protocols?

The ASNC COVID Safety Plan is approved by the NSW Health. ASNC provides a QR code at venues, more information is provided in your registration confirmation email.